Thermaltake FrioOCK CPU Cooler

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Introduction to the Thermaltake FrioOCK CPU Cooler

Some time ago we took a look at a very promising cooler from Thermaltake, that cooler was the Frio. The Frio offered great performance no matter what CPU socket you were dealing with. Frio was just one of the great cooler Thermaltake offers its believers. If you are a follower of Thermaltake they never really rest when it comes to releasing new items to the public. And today we will be bring yet another cooler from Thermaltake that has gotten some real buzz around the web lately.

The new cooler is called the FrioOCK. The new FrioOCK is not considered to be the big brother of the Frio is a separate identity as well as the FrioOCK. The OCK or overclock king is quite a bit larger has six 6mm diameter heat pipes and uses two very large 130mm in a push-pull configuration to cool any beast of a CPU. And we cannot forget it weighs 1093 grams.