NZXT Havik 120 CPU Cooler

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Introduction to the NZXT Havik 120 CPU Cooler

Recently, we got a chance to test the NZXT Havik CPU cooler that did pretty well on our P67 test bench. The cooler was able to be fitted with either 140mm or 120mm cooling fans. Because of the dual fan configuration noise was kept at a minimum while performance was set to a higher standard.

Since we reviewed the Havik 140, they have released the Havik 120 which is only capable of supporting 120mm fans, two of them. And you might have guess it the cooler is smaller than the older brother. But NZXT does believe the Havik 120 will provide the end user which would be overclockers, gamers and enthusiasts with outstanding performance.

NZXT’s take on the Havik 120

To achieve superior CPU cooling, you can count on NZXT’s award-winning HAVIK series to rid of all your heating issues. In comparison to the HAVIK 140, the HAVIK 120 is compact offering more versatility. This 120mm CPU cooler is perfect for overclockers seeking a small yet powerful fan cooler. The base is composed of nickel-plated copper material that utilizes four 8mm pipes for transferring heat to aluminum fins. This allows more air to reach the heat sink which keeps temperatures low while increasing longevity of your components. HAVIK 120 is a victory for any enthusiast looking for an inexpensive and high performing silent CPU cooler.