Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler

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Introduction to the Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler

Every once in a while a company will come along that we are not too familiar and make a big splash. Usually, the splash is small and just enough to get the company some attention and most of the time that splash dies into a little ripple after a month or so.

We do not think this is the case for the Phanteks. Phanteks according to their website states they have twenty year of cooling experience. Even so, after making contact with us via email, we had yet to hear about them. After a quick chat, some product images and browsing of their website their first consumer product to market looks to be a real winner.

We will be taking a look at their first CPU cooler which they entitle the PH-TC14PE. Phanteks looks to dominate the air cooling market as the TC-14PE shows off some new technology as well as some visual goodness. The combination of P.A.T.S and C.P.S.C Technologies is what Phanteks is hoping will rise them up above the rest. But just what are these new technologies? Read on and find out.

Phanteks’ take on the PH-TC14

Phanteks PH-TC14_PE twin tower thermal radiator design uses the latest aerospace technology. By using P.A.T.S to increase cooling performance and C.P.S.C Technology to enhance thermal conductivity, heat will easily dissipate, creating an opportunity for greater overclocking. Combined with Dual Phanteks PH-F140 Premium 140mm Fans, easy-to-install SoliSku mounting kit and PH-NDC thermal compound, Phanteks PH-TC14 with unique colored is setting the new standard of today.

About Phanteks

Phanteks is a company with more than 20 years international experience in providing thermal solutions. From specialists in providing thermal solutions we have now expanded to a company offering multiple product solutions.

With our thorough technical skills and marketing expertise, we fully optimize the products with thermal possibilities and capabilities. We have always been able to achieve the maximum due to our passion in finding and discovering new technical developments. Phanteks design team which has a base in Europe situated in Holland, consists of creative researchers, designers and developers have always been successful in spotting the exact needs of gamers. This results in our quality products.

Our expertise means no job is impossible, and that every customer is given a professional and personal service that is rare in today’s marketplace. We meet our customers expectations with superior products, customer service and industry knowledge.