Thermaltake Water 2.0 Pro Liquid Cooling System

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Introduction to the Thermaltake Water 2.0 Pro Liquid Cooling System

Deciding what cooling to go with is one of the biggest factors in building a new rig today. With every processor on the market is now made of multiple cores no one wants to use the stock cooler anymore. It seems to not perform as well as one wants. Yes, it will do a satisfactory job but who wants to settle. And if you tend to overclock, you know the stock cooler is not going to cut it at all.

This is we start to see aftermarket coolers on into play. For most even the moderately priced cooler is good enough to tame the heat made by a stock running CPU. But what about those want a little more from the processor, you know an extra 500MHz, give or take a couple of megahertz. The choices of good coolers are numerous. In order to get the best cooling one would have to decide between some pretty large coolers like the new Thermaltake Frio Extreme or Noctua D14.

But there is now an alternative to these monsters. It comes in the form of AIO coolers or all-in-one. These self-contained water-cooling devices are just what the doctor ordered. These save a lot of space, perform pretty well and less complicated than the piece-by-piece water-cooling setups. Corsair and Antec have had pretty good success with their units and now it is Thermaltake’s time to see what they have.

Thermaltake just last week announced they were releasing two AIO liquid cooled kits which were the Water 2.0 Performer and Pro, the Pro being the higher end kit and the model we will be reviewing today. The Pro has a thicker most surface radiator than the Performer but is that enough to choose it over some of the air-coolers we have tested just recently? We will put it on the bench and find out.