Cooler Master GeminII M4

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Introduction to the Cooler Master GeminII M4 CPU Cooler

The world is filled with more CPU coolers made for overclocking than I can count. Every month we get a few of these coolers to test and all do at least a decent job at doing what they supposed to do. And many of us are forced to choose these coolers in builds where they are not going to be performing that task. Granted they do a great job in non-overclocking situations but we are paying more for something we are not going to be using.

A few companies are looking to gear their merchandise to all PC users and not just a few. This is where the Cooler Master and their new GeminII M4 comes into play. The GeminII M4 is a smaller product of the GeminII line that is aimed at system that lack space but also needs optimal cooling performance. A very thin 120mm cooling fan and four heat pipes helps to achieve this.

Cooler Master’s take on the GeminII M4

Redefining cooling performance for space restricted environments, GeminII M4 is engineered to maximize cooling with its minimal CPU contact gaps and four extremely efficient direct contact heat pipes that provide excellent heat dissipation. Standing at a mere 59mm / 2.3in tall, it is uniquely suited to thrive in the small spaces afforded to CPU coolers in HTPCs and other slim systems.

A unique heat pipe layout is utilized that orients the heat pipes to direct the flow of heat more efficiently to the aluminum fins where the heat is exhausted. Much like the GeminII S524, GeminII M4 features an airflow design that is 90 degree rotated to avoid heat radiating from the motherboard. In turn, this orientation simultaneously provides a steady airflow to motherboard chipsets surrounding the CPU socket.