LEPA Cooling Fan Collection

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LEPA Cooling Fan Collection



Many years ago back when I first got in the enthusiast aspects of PC building fans where mostly used for cases as a majority of the CPU coolers had fans integrated into them. I am sure many of your old folks will remember the time when the biggest fan you could get was 80mm and 92mm fans where considered huge. But fans have come a long ways as did many other components. Not only are we attaching them to cases but dual mounting them on CPU coolers and assembling push-pull configurations on water-cooling rads.

And to add to this we are also asking to look as good as they perform. At your local PC shop you can find fans of various color combinations, sizes and lighting effects. Our reasoning here today to take a look at some new blowers from LEPA, the Chopper, Casino and the Vortex are just a trio of new fans LEPA is excited about. So, lets take a brief look at the new additions.