Sapphire Vapor-X CPU Cooler

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Sapphire Vapor-X CPU Cooler Review


By now we are all familiar with Sapphire and their Vapor-X technology based heatsinks as an upgrade feature on many of their graphic cards. Yet if for some reason you have been out of the loop for a while, then here is a recap on how the vapor chamber works.

A vapor chamber is very similar in theory to heat-pipes and how they work. A chemical coolant is turned into a vapor at the point where heat is made (ie: a graphics chip or processor) and that heat is then adsorbed by the vaporized coolant. When this happens the vapor travels to another point, which is cooler than it's point of origin, and the absorbed heat is dissipated when the vapor is condensed back to a liquid. Think of it like a hot and humid day where you open the refrigerator to grab a cold drink in a bottle or can, where almost as soon as the drink container exits the fridge it has beaded up with moisture droplets. In this instance the moisture-rich ambient air has cooled when it came in contact with the cold bottle or can, condensing into water to the point of eventually making drops on the surface. This process then happens over and over again in it's sealed vapor chamber; thus, cooling the source of heat it's attached to. 

Sapphire have been implementing vapor chamber technology into many of their graphic cards for awhile at this point, ranging from the now-ancient Radeon HD 3870 to the current HD 7970, but now they have crafted it into a CPU cooler. That's right, Sapphire are making an aftermarket heatsink for your CPU, too! The cooler is simply called the Vapor-X and shows promise of being a contender in the high-end air-cooling market. Read on to find out how well it stacks up.

Sapphire’s take on the Vapor-X

SAPPHIRE Technology is now shipping the very first CPU cooler. Designed for the enthusiast and based on the company’s award winning Vapor-X technology, the extremely efficient low-noise cooler features dual fans, a rating of 200 watts and a universal mounting for AMD or Intel CPU types.

In a similar configuration to its graphics cards, the vapor chamber is in direct contact with the CPU surface to accelerate the flow of heat away. The heat is then carried away by a multi-heatpipe array and cooling fins.

Final heat dispersion is achieved by two fans, each with aerofoil section blades designed for efficient airflow with low noise, similar to those used on the highly acclaimed SAPPHIRE Dual-X series of graphics cards. The Vapor-X solution results in a high cooling efficiency designed to cater for 200Watts, more than enough even for enthusiasts overclocking the latest CPU types. When operating with lower power requirements, fan speeds can be very low, keeping noise levels to a minimum.