Sapphire Vapor-X CPU Cooler

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In Sapphire’s first attempt at CPU air-cooling, we found they did an admirable job. The Vapor-X and its vapor chamber technology did just as well on our test bench today as they've been doing on Sapphire's own graphic cards these past few years.

You can look at the $69.99 asking price and say that it is a bit high, but we beg to differ. The value lays in the advance technology which we saw first-hand works, and works well at lowering temps, even on an overclocked and over-volted processor. The value continues on with the inclusion of two very nice 120mm PWM cooling fans, that albeit can get noisy, do at least emit a nice "cold" blue glow when the system is powered on.

Speaking of performance, we saw the Vapor-X challenge the only other vapor chamber cooler we have ever tested in the form of Cooler Master's TPC-812,  and the Sapphire offering easily held its own. We tested the coolers using standard non-PWM (3-pin) fan headers, which left both coolers a little on the loud side but not unreasonably so, with the Sapphire unit pulling out a win by being the quieter of the two. Playing with the coolers using the PWM function and the Vapor-X was very quiet. Overall we were very pleased with Sapphire's first foray into the CPU cooling world.

The mounting of the cooler is simple and straight forward; even a noob can do it. Another good thing about the mounting is the cooler comes with all the accessories necessary to mount it to any current socket motherboard. No need to have to wait for, or order extra parts to install it on your system.

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