Cooler Master Seidon 120M AIO Water-Cooling Unit Review

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Cooler Master Seidon 120M AIO Water-Cooling Unit Review



In the past month or so we have brought to you all the latest in closed-loop CPU water coolers. We have seen a multitude of products the likes of Corsair and Thermaltake, two of the biggest players in the game today. But what about Cooler Master, another big timer? Well we finally got on the horn with them to bring you their latest offering in this not-so new, but quickly increasing market.

Cooler Master’s entry into this market is the Seidon 120M, an entry level unit it may be but it is far from the norm we have seen with the others. CM took another route than selecting a model from an ODM like the rest. This unit is all original, for the most part. Equipped with a standard 120mm radiator, a PWM-controlled fan and a very unique pump/head unit, CM is looking to make a big dent in this market.

Cooler Master’s take on the Seidon 120M

The Seidon 120M is Cooler Master’s latest, incredibly compact watercooling kit that aims to bring watercooling to the masses. It fits in virtually every case, is compatible with every available Intel and AMD platform, and as easy to install as a heatsink. It comes factory filled, sealed and tested with a two year zero maintenance guarantee. Thanks to a 120mm PWM fan with a wide RPM range Seidon can operate silently or unleash a powerful cooling storm at your command.