NZXT Kraken X60 All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler Review

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NZXT Kraken X60 All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler Review



NZXT always seems to surprise me whenever they bring a new product to market. It's as if they are always thinking outside the box, take for example the Lexa and Switch 810 gaming towers, both totally different from the norm at their time of launch. NZXT is more than just cases though, they are also hitting CPU cooling in a big way. Remember, we reviewed both their Havik 120 and Havik 140 CPU air-coolers and each performed great.

NZXT have decided to take CPU cooling one step further. How so? Well, try and answer this question. What is it we have been seeing a lot of later when it comes to CPU cooling? You guessed it, all-in-one (AIO) coolers. We have seen then from many of the top names so far and they seem to just get better as time goes on.

NZXT labeled their AIO series the Kraken. If you have seen the movie "Clash of the Titans" or if you are up on your mythology, you know the Kraken were a very large octopus-looking sea monster that was able to destroy ships with ease. This is the angle in which NZXT is taking with their new water-cooler, maybe not the destroying ships part, but perhaps more a powerful water-based beast that destroys heat. NZXT currently offers the X40 and X60, the latter of which we will be looking at first. Speaking of first, this is the first AIO to take advantage of the larger 140mm cooling fan mounting, making this truly a "monster" double-radiator at 280mm. Let's see if it's up to the task shall we?

NZXT’s take on the X60

NZXT introduces the Kraken series, the first premium all-in-one water coolers for PC enthusiasts. The Kraken X60 is a high-end 280mm water cooling solution where ease of use meets functionality. Included are two NZXT FX-140 PWM fans, with capacity to install an additional 2 more fans in a push-pull configuration for unrivaled cooling performance. At the core of the cooler is a state-of-the-art pump attached to an all copper base. Bridging the radiator and pump is an extra-long 16” tubing and premium sleeved cables, easily installed into even in the largest chassis. We developed the Kraken series to be the best closed loop water coolers on the market, our customers should not settle for anything less.