NZXT Kraken X40 All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler Review

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We have been fortunate enough to review NZXT from their very beginning existence. And it never amazes me to see every single product perform as well as it goes. We have enjoyed the likes of the Havik series of cases and you can't say anything bad about their cases. The Kraken X40 continues this feeling that I have towards NZXT.

For an AIO of this size to perform close to or better than larger unit is simply awesome. Granted it is uses a 140mm surface and uses a 140mm cooling fan but the others are 120mm x2 and uses two 120mm for a total much higher than the X40. I was told this was going to happen and it did. So, at this point you have to say that NZXT is tops when it comes to both single fan and double fan all0in-one water-cooling.

The only down to the cooler is that you may not have the spacing for it as it will require a 140mm fan slot. Many of today's case will accommodate it but there are plenty that will not. There is no word if NZXT will be making a 120mm or 240mm models of the NZXT but if they do I hope it performs close to this one.

Well, maybe there is one other thing. The Kraken series only carries a two year warranty while others can carry as much as a five year guarantee.

The Kraken X40 will carry an asking price of about $99.

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