Phanteks PH-TC12DX CPU Cooler Review

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If you are a fan of Phanteks, you will be proud of the TC12DX. It surprised us how smaller it is. This assumption is mostly due to the size characteristics of the TC14PE and the TC14CS which we have also tested. Where some may have issues with mounting the larger coolers thee problems should not exist with the TC12DX.

Even with the cooler being on the smaller size of the bigger brothers, TC12DX performed pretty well. At stock the heat produced by the CPU did not stand a chance. Overclocking our i7 3930k to 4.3GHz and pumping 1.35 volts into it, we saw the cooler beat out the bigger Evercool Silent Shark.

Not only is the cooling performance of the TC12DX superb but so is its looks. Phanteks has cornered the market with producing coolers that can be easily color matched with the rest of your rig. Available in standard silver, black, blue and red with matching fans the cooler look as good as they perform.

Beside the cooling level of the cooler you have to enjoy lack of noise from the cooler. In PWM mode, we were able to enjoy our overall computing sessions. If you are the use the cooler with the fans going all out, yes the noise level does increase. But even then it is not to the level where you cannot tolerate it for a long period of time.

A quick trip to Google Shopping shows the cooler selling at Newegg for $59.99.

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