Corsair Hydro H110 280mm AiO CPU Cooler Review

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Corsair Hydro H110 280mm AiO CPU Cooler Review


When it comes to the popularity AiO water-cooling kits many give us of give most of the credit to Corsair. Granted they were not the first to bring them to market but where the one to make them a household name (geekly speaking). When the H50 hit the scene it was like the start of a new revolution even though CoolIt and Asetek offer models first.

Now in 2013, we have moved on from the H50 with a remake of the model as well as many other models to survive from Corsair. The last big splash from them was not too long ago with the introduction of the H100i. The H100i is a dual 120mm unit sporting some new gear and better performance over its brother the H100, which we loved.

Corsair's next step was to combat the NZXT Kraken which was the first to bring an AiO based on 140mm fans and mounting. The H110 just like the Kraken uses larger 140mm fans on a 280mm radiator to help with the dissipation of heat made by the CPU. We are going to take a look at the H110 and see if it can top what we saw in the Kraken.

Corsair’s take on the H110

Extreme CPU cooling performance

Hydro Series H110 is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler that provides cooling that’s far superior to stock CPU air fans. Liquid cooling simply works better than air cooling, and the self-contained design of the H110 makes it easy for you to protect your valuable CPU.

Take advantage of your 280mm radiator mount

For efficient cooling, bigger is better – it’s simple physics. If your PC’s case can fit a 280mm radiator, Hydro Series H110 will give you better performance. The larger diameter fans provide better airflow with lower noise than most 120mm fans, and the 280mm radiator has more surface area for faster cooling.