Prolimatech MK-26 GPU Cooler Review

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Prolimatech MK-26 GPU Cooler Review



There are companies out there that I would classify as being perfectionist. A company whether small or large that tends to put a lot into the products they bring to market. And no, you cannot say that about all companies. I will not list all the companies I think fall into this category but I will name one. Prolimatech. From the first time I saw an image of their Megahalems CPU cooler I knew they would make a name for themselves in this industry. It performed at the top of its class and has not looked back yet.

Prolimatech is hoping to continue this status as they move forward. Their reign as one of the top CPU cooler makers has been interrupted with the introduction to their second GPU cooler. The MK-26 is a large cooler that is designed to accommodate two 120mm or 140mm cooling fans as well as dominate the heat built-up by some of the world's faster video cards.

Prolimatech’s take on the MK-26

The MK-26 is a top of the line VGA cooler.  Engineered to provide 320 watts TDP of baseline heat dissipation, it is the highest performing VGA heatsink in its class.

The MK-26 has been designed and built with a high regard for quality, guaranteeing excellent performance and long life.  It is constructed with dual aluminum radiators that are fed by six nickel plated copper pipes.  The dual radiators allow for the installation of two 140mm or two 120mm fans.  The dual radiators, when combined with two fans, will not only cool the VGA processor, but also increase air flow across the entire VGA card and improve system wide cooling.

The MK-26 comes with an array of state of the art design features that include the Omni-mount universal tool-free mounting system.  Omni-mount allows for quick and easy installation while also providing wide compatibility with new and future VGA cards (see compatibility list).  The MK-26 also includes the excellent performance PK-3 thermal compound and a special Y-split connector that allows two fans to be powered by the VGA board.