Thermaltake Non-Interference Cooler NiC F4 CPU Cooler Review

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Thermaltake Non-Interference Cooler NiC F4 CPU Cooler Review


When Thermaltake went into CES this year, their objective was to show consumers they are more than just another company manufacturing various hardware items. Thermaltake emphasized that their products address what gamers want as well as for those that are looking for elegance…. see the S21 chassis review as well as the power user. For the latter, please refer to our latest review product.

Thermaltake’s newest CPU cooler consist of four cooler models for now and the line-up is called the NiC or Non-Interference Cooler series. The reason behind the name is that the coolers allow for the builder or end user to fill all of their motherboard DIMM slots. This is something that is often not possible with most coolers because of their massive size. With that in mind, you can be at ease to know the series allows for maximum ram slot usage.

It’s great that we didn't need to fill all the memory slots but it is another issue if we have to sacrifice performance. Well, you don’t have to worry because each of the coolers on this series is rated to a certain wattage level. The Thermaltake NiC F4 model we will be looking at today is rated up to 180 watts of TDP. The other three models are the F3, C4 and C5 and are rated at 160W, 200W and 230W respectively.

Thermaltake’s take on the NiC F4

NiC Series incorporates a new CPU air cooler design which features a slim tower side flow design with a 120mm PWM/VR Fan. It efficiently optimizes cooling performance while allowing optimized compatibility with RAM of all kinds. It also enables the user to adjust the fan speed conveniently to a desired speed.