Deep Cool M6 2.1 Speaker System and Laptop Cooler Review

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Deep Cool M6 2.1 Speaker System and Laptop Cooler Review


Here at Pro-Clockers, we have already reviewed and took a look at many laptop coolers over the years. Some are simply a cooler, some coolers turn into stands and some have even served as a USB port for many different peripherals. Today, I get to check out a laptop cooler that is a little different from these which I just mentioned. We are taking a look at the DeepCool M6 Audio Cooling Pad. You read that right! This cooling pad has secondary speakers for your laptop which is a brilliant idea to me since many laptops' audio gear is way underperforming.

Deep Cool's take on the M6

Deepcool is a leading manufacturer of desktop CPU coolers, Notebook coolers, VGA coolers, DC case fans. They recently announced a new high-end gaming notebook cooler with 2.1 speaker system— the DeepCool M6. With a stunning gaming-theme design and high quality stereo system, the DeepCool M6 laptop cooler is perfect for enthusiastic gamers and audiophiles.

Absolute Gaming Appearance, A Stereo Engine
When the designer was indulged in his gaming Need for SpeedTM, he forgot his work; when he’s back to work, the roaring in the ear inspired him to craft a notebook cooler which can combine the looks of a luxurious sports car and the stunning sound effect of its engine. That’s M6!

The front end is designed in triangular shape with a lean edge, just like a sports car illustrates aerodynamics to the maximum. The sleek design also features the silver-red side windows and fully covered black metal mesh at the top.

Built-in 2.1 speaker system owns 2 tweeters on both sides and 1 woofer in the middle. The speaker cavity inside M6 is extended to the maximum to give you the most auditory pleasure when gaming. “I love the engine!” He said.

Be Gaming, Be Cool
A gaming laptop may heat up very fast and need a good cooler to ensure its operation. With a built-in 14cm fan, M6 can cool down your gaming laptop and you can indulge yourself as long as you wish. If you want to rest after playing, you can turn down the fan speed with the control knob.

The Power Engine for External Devices
M6 is also equipped with 1 USB 2.0 input port and 4 output ports for your additional external USB devices. With a standard 3.5” audio jack, you can easily swap between your gaming headset and M6 gaming speakers. If you just plug too many high current consumption devices, just add on a 5V AC/DC adapter to this power engine through the built-in Micro USB input.