Scythe KamaConnect Plus

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Introduction to the Scythe KamaConnect Plus

It seems that today in computing the world is more concentrated on storage in various forms. Of course we have the internal hard disk in which we run out operating system from to the large capacity external drives that connect to out PC via USB and eSATA port. But storage goes past that into flash drives, solid state disks, digital media like secure digital cards and optical drives. And when we least expect it many of this components need to be connected to the PC in a hurry. And this is when our newest review sample comes into play.

The Scythe KamaConnect Plus is a multi-connect device that can be used to connect many different types of media to your PC externally. An all-in-one product that replaces a USB hub, digital card reader and HDD to USB adapter. Yes, the KamaConnect Plus is aimed at the IT tech or even the techie individual that needs a simple devices to carry around to do the job of the three named previously.

Scythe take on the KamaConnect Plus

Combination of the current „Kama Connect 2“ and the additional features becomes the new product, the new multi-adapter Kama Connect PLUS.  The PLUS version has a build-in card readers, which allows the reading out of conventional memory cards and have two optional usable USB ports for connecting any USB devices which can operate with USB 2.0/1.1. Kama Connect PLUS supports hard drives up to 2TB of capacy and is ready for Microsoft new operating system Windows 7.