MUKii TransImp External SuperSpeed 3.5” Enclosure

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Introduction to the MUKii TransImp External SuperSpeed 3.5” Enclosure

USB 3.0, if you can believe it, was announced way back in November of 2008. It was not until January of 2010 that we finally saw our first consumer product and as time has gone on we are starting to see more and more  on the shelves today. USB 3.0 introduces a new bus to the mix called SuperSpeed that has a max bandwidth of 5Gbit which should give us about 350 to 450 megabytes/s of throughput; USB 2.0 pales in comparison with 480Mbits/s that we typically only see 41% (25MBytes/s), with around 58% (35MB/s) out of a few higher end products. It is this SuperSpeed feature that is the reason the media has made it the second coming, but do you think we've seen the most buzz it will get? Maybe for the time being, but Intel has recently stated its plans for chipset integration in 2011 and that is only if AMD doesn't beat them to the punch. When that happens you can guarantee the buzz will return as it marks mainstream integration of USB3, just as what happened with AMD's inclusion of SATA6 in the new SB8x0 chips.

However, that is not to say that product products for it will not become available, as there is still the NEC and VIA chips that are being added into a fair number of motherboards to give them support. Because of this we are seeing a large assortment of USB3 enclosures for hard drives old and new, either spindle or solid state; flash drives, for easier portability; and even PCIe controller cards, to give us USB 3.0 on our older motherboards. Now there is a new company joining the foray, adding to the well populated SuperSpeed products that are already on the local electronic store's shelves.

MUKii intends on breaking into the USB 3.0 enclosure competition with very reliable and very durable products, which manage to look good to boot. We will be taking a look at one of MUKii's USB 3.0 enclosures, heralding from their TransImp line, which among other things also includes hard drive docks. The TransImp U3 models are available for either 2.5" or 3.5" SATA drives, which our view sample is the latter. But unlike a lot of hard drive enclosures on the market, the TransImp come bundled with a software application to help the buyer to achieve some simple task and configurations.

About MUKii

MUKii Technology is a company that specializes in design of comprehensive intelligent peripherals for day-to-day life. Guided by a company brand philosophy of “Understanding and Applying Existence”, MUKii strives to integrate a range of technological applications for daily life to emphasis their functional integration.

Here at MUKii, we show our respect for the rational consumer by providing sturdy, durable and intelligent peripherals that will allow the user to enjoy their use and convenience. MUKii endeavors to realize a diversified concept in using the product; the promotion of a Green EQ lifestyle; protection of the Environment, satisfaction in use; reduction of waste and a realization of the true necessities of life.

MUKii take on the TransImp

“As digital and high-resolution media contents become more and more popular, the demand for file storage increases. Because of that, high-speed storage peripherals interface is an inevitable trend, which saves time and energy and improves working efficiency. MUKii TransImp TIP-330U3 3.5” hard drive enclosure uses USB 3.0 interface that supports a transfer rate up to 5Gbps. It also passed the strictest compatibility tests and is compatible with all 3.5” SATA hard drives on the market while featuring high reliability. AC adapter supplies pure and stable power to the hard drive to ensure safe and accurate data retrieval at high transfer rate. The vertical stand allows flexible positioning and saves space on your desktop. M one tuning system included (Auto format/ Smart energy saving/USB Turbo/Auto backup/Status feedback) are powerful and yet easy to use. The aluminum casing not only is stylish and ultra slim, but also provides excellent cooling efficiency. MUKii TransImp series hard drive enclosures are designed to the requirements of time-saving, energy-saving and data security to satisfy all your needs in data transmission.”