Thermaltake Max5G Active Cooled Hard Drive Enclosure

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Introduction to the Thermaltake Max5G Active Cooled Hard Drive Enclosure

The number one killer of most exterior hard drives is improper cooling. Purchasing the cheapest external hard drive on the shelf does not mean you are getting the best value for your money, especially if that hard drive decides to take a dump on you. Some manufacturers do offer some form of active cooling as an attractive way to steer consumers towards their product. Some even built there external hard drive in such a way that the shell is used as a form of dissipating heat. Both are real good ideas but what if you have the hard drive already and you want to build your on external box?

Thermaltake, a maker of some pretty popular external enclosures, have recently released a new enclosure that takes the guess work out of choosing a good enclosure, one that will provide your hard drive with years of good cooling performance. The new Max5G is a handsome looking enclosure, and is mated with dual 80mm blue LED cooling fans that will keep your drive cool, but more importantly keeping it functional.