First Look: MUKii TransImp USB3 Combo Pack (PCIe Card+Enclosure)

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Introduction to the MUKii TransImp USB 3.0 PCIe Card & External 3.5” Enclosure Combo Pack

Amazingly enough, USB 3.0 has been with us since November of 2008, but it was not until January of 2010 that the first consumer product was widely available. USB 3.0 introduced a new bus with an incredible max bandwidth of 5Gbit, where as it's predecessor USB 2.0 pales in comparison with 480Mbits/s. Intel still has plans for USB3 chipset integration in 2011 (as outlined by a leaked document) for their Panther Point chip, but speculation is that it may not debut until CES 2012. Yet for us consumers that is of little concern as there are still a multitude of options available to get USB 3.0 in your computer. There are discrete chips from NEC, VIA an EtronTech that motherboard manufacturers are adding to their lineups on both the Intel and AMD models.

However, that may have some of you who haven't upgraded during the past 12 months, who's systems are still perfectly viable and are asking two very reasonable questions: If I already have a fast and reliable computer why would anyone want to buy a new motherboard for just USB3's features? Second, who really wants to reconfigure a perfectly working system just to add USB 3.0? By simply adding in a controller to one of your empty, and hardly used, PCIe x1 slots one is able to gain just what that new motherboard offers; at a fraction of the price. As it just so happens our friends at MUKii have offered just such a card for some months now, which we had the chance to review and were very impressed by it. The TransImp USB 3.0 PCIe model we had reviewed was built around the ever popular NEC chip. However, they have rolled out a revised model based around a new rising star EtronTech chip, offering all the same USB3 goodness of the NEC offer, while showing some increased performance as an added bonus.

So now that you have two speedy USB3 ports in your system, you'll need something to take advantage of that, right? MUKii has you covered there as well with a multitude of USB 3.0 products; from hard drive docks, to external drive adapters, enclosures and 4-port hubs! They broke into the USB 3.0 enclosure competition last year with very reliable and very durable products, which manages to look good to boot. We took a look at one of MUKii's TransImp USB 3.0 enclosures and again were impressed by it. The TransImp U3 models are available in either 2.5" or 3.5" SATA drives size, and for eSATA, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 (our view sample being the latter of both).

Today we get to show you a great combo pack from MUKii which features the new and [hopefully] improved USB3 PCIe card, as well as a choice between their hard drive dock, 3.5" enclosure or 2.5" enclosure (all of which are SATA I/II compatible). You now are able to get everything you need to bring USB 3.0 capability and functionality to your system, be that your work computer where you need to quickly share data between it and your home PC, or your personal desktop should you just want an external storage solution that is limited to the slow data transfer rates of USB2. 

About MUKii

MUKii Technology is a company that specializes in design of comprehensive intelligent peripherals for day-to-day life. Guided by a company brand philosophy of “Understanding and Applying Existence”, MUKii strives to integrate a range of technological applications for daily life to emphasis their functional integration.

Here at MUKii, we show our respect for the rational consumer by providing sturdy, durable and intelligent peripherals that will allow the user to enjoy their use and convenience. MUKii endeavors to realize a diversified concept in using the product; the promotion of a Green EQ lifestyle; protection of the Environment, satisfaction in use; reduction of waste and a realization of the true necessities of life.

MUKii's take on the TransImp USB3 Combo

With the increasing demands of data transmission with high-definition video content, terabyte storage devices, high megapixel count digital cameras, multi-gigabyte mobile phones and portable media players, USB 3.0 transmission speed and interface absolutely will be an inevitable trend and the hot-selling point in the IT markets. Moreover, once the USB 3.0 Connectivity Hosts can be push successfully into the market, the demand of USB 3.0 devices will also be increased. In this way, USB 3.0 PCIE Card & CardBus are just the time to be released for supporting existing USB 3.0 devices. Therefore, MUKii TransImp USB 3.0 HDD enclosure bundled with PCIE Card will be an ultimate solution for building up the best usb3.0 environment!