MUKii TransImp Hard Drive Dock Plus

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Introduction to the MUKii TransImp Hard Drive Dock Plus

How many times have you being in the situation where you were in a hurry to get data off a hard drive? Likely the first thing that comes to mind when this occurs is the unwanted feeling of knowing that you will need to tear into your PC in order to get it hooked up to the system. Or if you have or use an external closure, that feeling of having to disassemble said enclosure, remove your already install HDD and then put it all back together; simple indeed, but annoying if crunched for time.

In my case, thank God for open-air test benches! However, not everyone has such a setup, or is always using that system, and we need more realistic alternative for retrieving data. That is where hard drive docks come in, making the retrieval of data simple and painless. The dock just sits on the desktop until it needs to be used, and should that time arrive, all you have to do is drop the drive into the top of the dock and you are transferring the data in no time.

Many companies make hard drive docks and we personally have reviewed at least a dozen. A few months back we reviewed one of MUKii's first dock models. It turned out to be a great unit that performed well and still looked good while doing it. MUKii has decided to give that model a refresher and now have came out with an improved version. Similar to their hard drive enclosure (which we also just reviewed), this new model has a small LCD readout that displays the real time transfer speeds to and from the drive when accessed.

MUKii's take on the TransImp Hard Drive Enclosure Plus

As digital and high-resolution media contents become more and more popular, the demand for file storage increases. Because of that, high-speed storage peripherals interface is an inevitable trend, which saves time, energy and improves work efficiency. MUKii TransImp TIP-D180U3 2.5"/3.5" hard drive enclosure uses USB 3.0 interface that supports a transfer rate up to 5Gbps. You can install and access hard drive in seconds. No need to add enclosures or open cases, it's designed for simple use.

The professional PCB design, high-end control IC & AC adapter ensure data transfer smoothly and stabilized. It also passed the strictest compatibility tests and is compatible with all 2.5"/3.5" SATA hard drives on the market. M one tuning system included (Auto format/ Smart energy saving/USB Turbo/Auto backup/Status feedback) are powerful and yet easy to use. Black soft touch paint with Aluminum Hair-line Surface Treatment plate in sleek design. MUKii TransImp-series Hard Drive Enclosures are designed to meet the performance requirements of saving time, energy and data security.