Archgon MH-2612 Mobile Hard Drive Enclosure

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Introduction to the Archgon MH-2612 USB3 Mobile Hard Drive Enclosure

Today, we will be taking a look at a product from Archgon, meaning ‘pioneer’ in Hebrew, a new name to those of us at Pro-Clockers. To get us familiar with their offerings, Archgon have donated two of their products for us to review today, both are USB3 enclosures for SATA hard drives. Archgon isn’t the first to hit the market with a HDD enclosure, as all of you know these devices have been around for many years. What Archgon is banking on is the performance of their enclosures, coupled with the simple and quick ways of going from the retail packaging to operation.

The first enclosure we will be taking a look at will be the MH-2612 for 2.5" drives, which looks similar to many other HDD enclosures on the market. The thing here is we were able to take the unit and get it plugged into the system in no time at all. No tools were needed and the performance did turn out to be very good thanks to the USB3 support. Read on.

Archgon’s take on the MH-2612

With the introduction of USB 3.0, the speed of transferring has increase up to 5 Gbps and MH-2612 is designed to bring you overcome that limitation of USB 2.0. With USB 3.0, you are able to read and store data 10 times faster than USB 2.0. All it takes is few minutes to transferring your favor music, video and your memorable pictures from your computer to MH-2612. The MH-2612 is warped in Aluminum with Arc Shape holder; provide better protection and reliable holding for you to have a comfortable usage and experience.

About Archgon

Archgon International Ltd. is a company renowned for its quality products in the field of computer peripherals, such as DVD/Blu-Ray Driver, HDD Enclosure, Media Player and accessories such as USB, HDMI Cables. With strong OEM/ODM experience in the media storage and digital entertainment device, we offer variety of products with highest manufacture standard and newest technology available.