SilverStone RVS02 USB 3.0 2.5” HDD Enclosure

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Introduction to the SilverStone RVS02 USB 3.0 2.5” HDD Enclosure

It seems that we cannot get enough hard drive enclosures around here. Being a vital part of most people computing experience HDD enclosures have been a saving grace for many. In my days of working retail and serving as a technician, I could not be without such a device as I came across many dying laptops and desktops for that matter where data had to be retrieved fast.

We have explored many hard drive enclosures over the year, many of them pretty simple in operation and some that offered more for the money like encryption or ease to install. This new enclosure from SilverStone praises on the latter as it makes hooking up a drive painless and easy. The RVS02, which is from the Raven line of component from SilverStone, sleek, good looking and fast.

SilverStone’s take on the RVS02

SilverStone created an incredible mobile storage product in the RAVEN RVS02 with a new high-grade feeling and screwless design. It enables users to swap out hard drive effortlessly. Not only does it lets you replace hard drive faster than just about any external enclosure, the RVS02 will has an optional elegant design accessories to let user build extra function by unique dock, such as desk LED light or small fan. Equipped with USB 3.0 5Gbit/s super speed interface, the RVS02 is an excellent choice for taking important data on the go with maximum flexibility and performance.