Silverstone Treasure TS06 External Enclosure

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Introduction to the Silverstone Treasure TS06 External Enclosure

Over the past few decades the only way to load your software on your computer was to insert some type of media like a floppy, flash drive or optical disk. But as of lately this way of installing an application is becoming obsolete. Companies like Microsoft, and anti-virus corporations and Steam all give you an alternative way to accomplishing this and that is via download. This has really making the optical drive a thing of the pass and if that is not the case then very seldom used.

And with my laptop being my main PC, I seldom even use my optical drive for anything. so, the people at Silverstone has given people like us another use for that space the optical drive take without actually losing the drive.  The TS06 is an external enclosure for your internal optical drive and also provide you the opportunity to use the space the drive once took up for addition storage space. A little confused? Read on and I will elaborate for you.

Silverstone's take on the TS06

SilverStone Treasure TS06 is an excellent accessory designed for notebook computer users. It has a beautiful external enclosure with retractable USB cable to turn your rarely used laptop optical drive into a convenient portable optical drive. The vacant optical drive slot in your laptop can then use TS06’s conversion tray to add an extra 2.5” hard drive or SSD to boost the laptop’s storage capacity and/or speed!