Icy Dock MB153SP-B FatCage Internal SATA Backplane Rack Review

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Icy Dock MB153SP-B FatCage Internal SATA Backplane Rack Review



I have seen more and more people using rack systems in their build. There are possibly many possibilities on the reason for this. And because I have personally never talked to any of these people I could only assume the reasons. It could be to allow easy access to multiple drives without having to maneuver through the internals of the case. Or it could be due to the lack of space internally and want to turn some of those unused optical drive bays into something useful.

There are several manufacturers of such devices but we have one of the better ones on tap for you today. Icy Dock has been doing this for over fifteen years and has become a leader at it. FatCage MB153SP-B is one of several models coming from Icy Dock; the series would include the DataCage Basic and the FlexCage. Each having their own unique features, so we will try and get them into the lab so we can give you more insight on them.

For you that do not know actually what a SATA Backplane let me give you a brief understanding. It’s a small box that usually fit into an optical drive bay or two there are even some 3.5” models that allows the usage of multiple hard drives. The models fitted for the 5.25” bay can usually support both 2.5” and 3.5” drives while the smaller unit can only support multiple 2.5” drives. And if you get a good one you will even get Raid support.

Icy Dock’s take on the FatCage

Introducing the MB153SP-B, a 3-in-2 SATA internal RAID backplane for 3.5” SATA hard drives. This is a lite version of the MB45X series by removing the monitoring features and reducing the overall cost, while keeping the same 3 year warranty and the core tray system for hot swapping and maintenance are kept for the best reliability in the market.