iStarUSA BPN-2535DE-SA and BPU-124DE-SS HDD Docks

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Our new friends at iStarUSA are known as major players when it comes to enclosures, towers, hot-swap cages as well as other devices in the field of industrial and professional computers. If you are looking for something that will allow you to add additional storage devices to your current built, we advise you to check their site first. Also, you can continue to browse Pro-Clockers as we will be featuring more of iStarUSA products in the near future.

The two products from them that will we will be taking a look at are the BPN-2535DE and the BPU-124DE-SS. Both are backplanes that will fit in either a 3.5” or 5.25” bay depending on the model that best fits your needs. Also, they each share the ability to house multiple 2.5” drives. For most average computer users today, these products are ideal for if you have problems with having lack of support for internal drives in your chassis. Getting either the BPN-2535DE or the BPU-124DE-SS will be a wiser solution than buying a larger chassis which would likely cost you more. Now, read on to check the differences of the two to determine the best for your need.

iStarUSA’s take on the BPN-2535DE-SA

BPN-2535DE-SA internal drive cage is a compact and cost effective solution for an internal 3.5” drive cage with two 2.5” hard drives. It provides an extra storage within a compact design to satisfy many application needs. BPN-2535DE-SA is constructed of aluminum material that provides excellent heat dissipation required for high performance 2.5"DDs and SSDs. It is easy and quick to install it into any tower or rackmount chassis.

iStarUSA’s take on the BPU-124DE-SS

High availability storage in compact design, BPU-124DE-SS adds extra storage and hot-swap capability to satisfy any application needs. The BPU-124DE-SS is constructed of aluminum material that provides best heat dissipation required for high performance 2.5" SATA and SAS drives. The housing is designed with excellent front to back airflow cooling with two 40mm fans. BPU-124DE-SS is an ideal solution for 2.5" HDD RAID and JBOD applications.