Noctua Prototypes at Computex

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Our great friends at Noctua has sent us over some great pictures of some of the current prototypes they are working on. The prototypes range from the standard type coolers like the C12P we recently reviewed to the tower-style. And some of the coolers are feature the sandwiching of aluminum fins between two large fans. We are guaranteeing you will see whatever come from the Noctua camp as a retail model here on Pro-Clockers.

The only one of the prototypes that we have word is close to production is this Prototype 'C' model.

The unit is equipped with dual 14cm duals. And features the SecurFirm2 mounting system.

Next, we have a Prototype 'D' model. Which comes in two models: 92mm and 120mm. Obviously, which unit can support triple fan configurations. The 120mm consist of six heat pipes whilst the 92mm has four.

Next, we have the the 'U' prototypes. Very similar to the 'D' models but heavier have more heat pipes. The 120mm unit has seven heat pipes and the 92mm has only five. Both the 'D' and "U' will support dual fan configurations.

Here have some of the coolers mounted. Beautiful and large. Stay tuned as you will see some of these on

We would like to thank Noctua from sending over the images and for including us in their review circle.