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Default OnLive Gaming on Demand to rival consoles

Just announced at this year's GDC, OnLive is an on-demand gaming service. It's essentially the gaming version of cloud computing - everything is computed, rendered and housed online. In its simplest description, your controller inputs are uploaded, a high-end server takes your inputs and plays the game, and then a video stream of the output is sent back to your computer. Think of it as something like Youtube or Hulu for games.
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I've been playing OnLive off and on for the last year roughly. It's a great service as long as you've a decent enough internet connection to utilize it, as well as a decent PC. Nothing uber needs to be used, but something decent at least. It's definitely a nice alternative to console gaming as well as always having to install a demo to play it. It's called "OnLive" because that's what it is, it runs like a live disc over the internet. Great demos, great games, great service. I like it
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