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Default Microsoft's Kinetic reviews decent at best

It seems that reviewer are not raving about the new Xbox device. Seems as if the device had issues in small rooms and requires dim lighting to work best.

"There is also the issue of space: you need a lot of it to play multiplayer games, or to be comfortable playing single-player games. Take a peek at that sample living room image again—if your room doesn't look like a wide open gymnasium with a ton of clearance, you're going to have problems. The Move doesn't have these limitations, and most games will work just as well if you're sitting on your couch or standing in front of your screen. The Move will work in nearly any environment, where the Kinect helpfully suggests you move your couch out of the way and may chide you for having a playing space that's too small. There are going to be many potential customers who simply don't have the space near their systems to play Kinect games. That seems terribly limiting for a product that Microsoft hopes will have wide appeal."

Source: Ars Technica
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Funny this is from 2010, considering that the Kinect still has yet to really take off, almost 2 years later. There are a few games that some enjoy, but for the most part people are just complaining like crazy. I want a Kinect for only maybe 2 or 3 games, but at the price they're selling at, and the lack of customer satisfaction, I'm just "meh" over it at the moment.
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