Compro IP-70 IP Security Camera

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Introduction to the Compro IP-70 IP Security Camera

Personal safety is an on-going concern of many of us. The need to protect our loved ones and personal property is on our mind every minute of the day. Well on mine any ways. When at work we pray that nothing happens to our homes like a fire, burglary or vandalism. One of my little concerns is that i hope my dog don't make a mistake on the carpet. One way of keeping an eye on such happenings companies like Swann, Lorex and Clover have developed security camera that is capable of letting us view your home when you are many miles away. But until last week a company unheard to us contacted us with a product similar to that these other companies offer.

Compro is a company more known for your interface cards for adding multimedia functions to your PC. Yeah, you guess it ... capture and TV cards. Recently, they have ventured over into the network and media. A market that is growing in leaps. We see companies like Western Digital, Patriot and other putting out these little boxes that will allow you to stream video from a local PC or straight from a external hard drive.

But getting back to the product at hand. Compro has graced us with a new IP security camera. The IP-70 is set to be the ideal solution for streaming the highest quality video from your home or business straight to your laptop, PC or cell phone. What makes the IP-70 a product worth looking at is the ability to dual stream in two different formats to support standard PC viewing as well as cell phone viewing. This is just the beginning of the laundry list of features this little camera has.

About Compro

Compro Technology is the worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing PC based TV tuners and data broadcast receiver product since 2003. Compro’s product allows users to watch television on their PC and create both still video images and digital video recordings. There is a worldwide shift from analog to digital TV. In a few years, analog TV broadcasts will be completely replaced by digital TV broadcasts, and PC based TV tuners such as the MediaMate can take advantage of the benefits of digital TV broadcasts: better pictures and clearer sound. In 2008, Compro Technology introduced flagship products in the world of the PC-TV; E850 and E900 which offer the best functionality and performance to address the needs of transitioning from the analog TV to digital TV receivers with dual tuners capability. In the year 2009, Compro Technology will continuous to its commitment to the VideoMate products line to continuous to release better and ease-to-use S/W and more versatile H/W to offer full range of the PC to TV multimedia entertainment.

Aside the continuous enhancement and development of the new PC-TV products, Compro Technology is launching two new product lines to the product portfolio this year; Network Media Center and IP Security.

The Network Media Center provides endless home entertainment with unique multimedia server. It features a Full HD 1080P MPEG1/2/4/H.264 player with SATA disc interface upgradable to 1TB hard-disc that can store up to 250 hrs of video, 80,000 songs or 40,000 digital photos. The HD contents are available via a build-in network interface, DVB-T tuner, and local SATA hard-disc. It is the ultimate media organization solution to offer HD contents at your living room TV set without the Computer.

The IP Security products line offer full range of the intelligent network-based cameras with an intelligent profession grade content management software solution (CMS). These camera solutions provide maximum customer value through effective surveillance solutions, reduced costs and increase flexibility and performance to allow customers to manage the security anytime, anywhere, and anyplace with either a PC or 3GPP cell phone.

Compro take on the IP-70

Compro IP70 camera series offers best-in-class high quality megapixel HD image yet affordable surveillance solution, ideal for securing locations such as home, small business, hotel, shop, or restaurant.