Scythe Kaze Master Pro 5.25 Fan Controller

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Introduction to the Scythe Kaze Master Pro 5.25

It has been a while since the last time we had a true rheostat in our lab. It seems for some time the market for them was getting kind of slim. With many manufactures of cases constantly implementing fan controllers into their cases it seems there was not real use for them for the masses. But many of the people out there don't consider themselves part of the mass. And need a true rheostat to control the numerous fans they may have in their rig. Take the owners of Mountain Mod cases. These huge cases have room for quite a few fans and the owners are looks for ways to control them.

The number one reason why many on-board fan controllers are not good enough for many is they only supply enough power to control the include fans. And if the controller is enough to control several fans their is no real way to customize it to your liken without have some mod skills. This is way many turn to rheostat bay units like the Scythe Kaze Master Pro 5.25.

Scythe has been successful with their line of controllers and the Kaze Master Pro look to continue that trend. The KMP 5.25 is a single 5.25 bay device that consist of six channels which can handle a maximum of 12 watts per channel. But what is really appealing is the sleek black look of the front facial. Scythe is aiming for the individual looking for a sweet sexy looking components to full the front of their case.

Scythe take on the Kaze Master Pro 5.25

Kaze Master Pro 5.25 can be controlled independently up to six fans from 3.7 (± 10%) to 12 (± 10%) volts. Six temperatures can be monitored in either Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F). Blue illuminated VFD display enhances general view. Kaze Master Pro 5.25 is designed to build into a 5.25 inch bay. .