Scythe USB Foot Switch

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Introduction to the Scythe USB Foot Switch

When it comes to computing we often think that we have everything we need at the tip of our fingers. And that is always the case as we have the keyboard, mice and other devices that we use with each adventure in front of the PC. And while are fingers are constantly getting it workout on our feet is busy kicking the wall or the front of your tower that is sitting on the floor beneath the desk.

Scythe’s latest gadget will give your wandering feet something useful to do when sitting in first of the PC. The USB Foot Switch will not replace the mouse or keyboard but it will allow you to assign tasks to a particular application and let your feet do some of the clicking while the finger rest for a few seconds. The USB Foot Switch comes in three different variations: one, two and three paddles.

Scythe talks about the USB Foot Switch

USB Foot Switch is used as an additional input device for computers and it provides more comfortable and convenient ways to work with your computer. USB Foot Switch is available in one, two or three-button and can be freely assigned by the operating software. No drivers are needed and supported operating systems are up Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Windows 7.