Cooler Master Inferno Gaming Mouse

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Introduction to the Cooler Master Inferno Gaming Mouse

How many of you out there have found that perfect mouse, or better yet, think you have? Since your acquisition of said "perfect mouse", you have assassinated many of your enemies in your favorite FPS or ambushed your enemy in several rounds out your favorite RPG. A die-hard gamer will always think their gear is top notch. Then you read a press release from a company that has release a new mouse that is guaranteed you faster response, better comfort and even more precise accuracy. We have seen it from Logitech, Razer and many others, but today we are hearing it from Cooler Master. They previously backed up this claim with their Sentinel and it turned out to be a great gaming mouse (which believe it or not ended up as a permanent peripheral of my rig). The Sentinel is super fast and looks the part, but one of the Sentinel best features is it's comfort.

Cooler Master has now added a new mouse to their Storm product line. The new mouse, dubbed Inferno, is not intended to replace the Sentinel, but to sit beside it in the lineup so gamer can choose their method of gaming supremacy. The Inferno offers eleven buttons of programmable goodness, along with 128kb of internal memory and a 4000DPI twin laser.

Cooler Master's take on the Inferno

“The CM Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse was harnessed within the CM Storm Labs, exclusively crafted with crucial MMO-quality in-game built – Fulfilling the needs of all MMORPGers who demands nothing less than the very best.

The CM Storm Inferno, armed with a 4000 DPI twin laser sensor, 128kb of onboard Sentinel-X memory and the brand new Storm Tactics Multiplayer key will evoke your killer instinct.”