Aerocool Strike-X Front Panel Display

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Introduction to the Aerocool Strike-X Panel

Over the years we have seen Aerocool emerge as one of the industry leaders in cases, cooling fans and front panel devices (which we especially like). The styling and functionality of the various models we have seen from Aerocool have been some of the best on the market. The last model we reviewed was the F6XT was not as visual as some of their others, but it did what it was intended: control six channels worth of fans. 

Aerocool has hit the market with a new model that and it is more visually striking than the FX6T. The new Strike-X offers control for up to five fans and monitoring of five different temperature probes. In addition to that there are two audio and USB ports. The Strike-X obviously gets its name from the big red ‘X’ adorning the front. If red isn't really your cup of tea then fear not! Aerocool made it so you can pop it off and be replaced with an included black one. So click on over to the next few pages and we'll show you how this new contender functions.