Aerocool X-Vision Fan Controller

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Introduction to the Aerocool X-Vision Fan Controller

With the amount of air circulation people are looking for in their cases these days requires a fair amount of high performance case fans. Good air circulation offers a few things, but the most important is keeping the interior components cool, in turn providing you with years of flawless operation.

However, sometimes the noise from those fast spinning fans can get on your very last nerve, especially if you are running several. Lord knows if you let the interior temps reach astronomical levels, the fan speed increases that much more to compensate. That could compromise the pleasure of the game you are playing or the movie you are enjoying.

Many companies are integrating fan controllers into their cases, yet are usually just enough for a couple of fans due to the lack of power they provide per channel, or flatout just a lack of channels in general. Companies like Aerocool realize this and produce better quality stand-alone units, that offer more channels and with greater wattage on each. We have reviewed several Aerocool fan controllers over the years and we are glad to  bring you one yet again.

The new X-Vision is of Aerocool's simpler models, but still remains very functional and looks great. It provides the user with five channels of controls, capable of delivering up to 8 watts on each. Additionally it has thermal sensors to monitor temperatures in whatever location you put them, per-fan RPM readout and the voltage they are running at. For fan regulation options, the X-Vision has the ability to adjust fan speeds manually or by system temps based on the thermal sensors. This may be your next fan controller, so come on in to see if it has what you're looking for.