NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller

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Introduction to the NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller

For many of us, the noise pollution that our home or work computers produce is generally not something that we like to deal with, but all is not lost. When it comes to many of the components inside the computer there are a few solutions to combat this noise, be it through software, spending more money on high end low-noise fans, or even going with passive cooling (fanless). While the passive option could in many cases cause other problems, the fact remains that there are ways to make your computing time more friendly to the ears.

A method we did not list above happens to be one of the oldest and most trusted routes, and that would be to use a fan controller. Fan controllers have been around for quite a long time and during that time we have seen them develop into some pretty fancy devices. Their designs have spanned from just simple toggle switches, evolving to some really complex LCD displays. The toggle switch method would only allow you to simply turn the fan off or on, while the latter can be rather daunting as they are capable of doing so much. We also mustn't forget the amount of wires to deal with when installing a controller of that caliber.

So, what other method for fan control is there?

NZXT, a company that is known more for their PC cases, have released their fourth fan controller. Th Sentry Mesh controller is definitely more on the simpler side of things, using hassle-free sliders to control the fan speeds of which are connected. Nothing more, nothing less; simple function, simple results.

NZXT's take on the Sentry Mesh Fan Controller

If you like your hardware simple and functional, NZXT's Sentry Mesh Fan Controller will be the perfect match for your rig. The Sentry Mesh stealthily accommodates your case with a black steel mesh front and solid slider controls. Five 30W channels provide more than sufficient capacity for high speed fans to reach their full potential. Enhance your system with Easy-to-use, modest, but powerful Sentry Mesh.