Roccat Valo Gaming Keyboard

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Introduction to the Roccat Valo Gaming Keyboard

Today, we will be taking a look at a product that has been around for some time, actually about three years now, but the chances of fellow North Americans having ever heard of it be slim save for hardcore gamers.  This product is a gaming keyboard made by the Roccat company and goes by the name Valo. Our good friends at Azza are looking to make the Valo more accessible (and hopefully more Roccat products) to us Americans by adding the German-made keyboard to their lineup.

The Valo is definitely aimed at the gamer in us with its multitude of commands and timings, LCD display, and 41 macro keys. To store all of those key combinations, timings and commands is 2MB of on-board memory which will prevent you from having to result back to the software for reconfiguring. If you take a moment to read on you will find out the Valo has a few more options up its sleeve that makes it a real winner with the both the professional gamer and casual gamer crowds.

Roccat’s take on the Valo

Don’t settle for anything less ... Besides incorporating the essential gear for any gamer, this tool will delight you with its diversity. With the Valo you can store 5 profiles. Each profile contains 4 layers and each layer can store 41 macros plus timing information.