Antec Bias LED Lighting Kit

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Antec is known for making great cases and solid power supplies. Today we are taking a look at a new product from Antec that is meant to help reduce eyestrain and fatigue in low light settings. If you work on your computer at night and are getting headaches from staring at the bright screen then this might be the product for you. When this product came in to review I almost missed it in the shipping box. It came in an unassuming box that didn't have any flashy designs or logos.

On the back of the box it had just three simple installation instructions. 

  Upon removal from the box we can see the simple design of the LED strip

 A close up look at the LED's

 A look of the LED strip lit up

 Installation was simple but required a little extra help as it kept falling off the back of the monitor which could of been caused by the heat coming off the monitor

After it was installed and dark this is how it looked

  It really helped reduce my eyestrain when viewing in a low light environment and also improved contrasting colors. 

 On a side note this LED strip can also be used for interior case lighting as I found by installing it in my case.


I found this product does exactly what it promises to do witch sometimes companies don't follow through on. The LED strip currently retails for $12.99 witch is a great price for the features this product provides. I mean who can put a price on one's own health. The only thing that I would of liked to see added to this product is a switch added to turn the lights off when not needed. All in all I can highly recommend this product to anyone that games or works on their computer at night.