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Introduction to the BitFenix Recon Internet-Connected Fan Controller

I really love the way that PC hardware heading. It seems that newer companies are popping up all over the place. And with them we are seeing fresh ideas. And many of the companies that have been around for some time are borrowing these ideas to brighten up their own line-up of products. BitFenix is one of the newer companies we are talking about.

BitFenix has blessed the PC world with many great ideas in their short of existence. The first was the Colossus now that case was definitely different from anything on the market. And then there was one of the features of their cases like the Colossus that was a first and that was the rubberized coating to protect the case. One other idea was they made sleeved cabling very affordable with their Alchemy products.

Now they are hitting the market with another product and that is the Recon fan controller. Now, what can be added to a fan controller to make it different from the rest? How about making it capable of connecting to the internet? By connecting to the internet you are allowed to monitor and control different aspects of your PC.

BitFenix’s take on Recon

Take control of your system anywhere with the BitFenix Recon™ Fan Controller. This five channel fan controller features internet connectivity - another world first from the BitFenix Design Labs. Featuring dual processors that continuously interact with your motherboard, Recon enables you to monitor and control your system on the go with any internet-connected device, including the latest smartphone, tablet or laptop. The easy-to-use touchscreen displays your current system temperatures and status, while giving you easy access to Recon's robust functionality. Customizable profiles make it easy to save and recall your favorite settings, while the SofTouch™ bezel makes it an attractive addition to your killer rig.