Cooler Master Storm Power-RX Mouse Surface and Skorpion Bungee Review

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Cooler Master Storm Power-RX Mouse Surface and Skorpion Bungee Review



When it comes to gaming there are a few components that are very important and this is besides the PC itself. Yes, you got it that would be the keyboard, mice and the mouse pad. Without these three items you can have the faster computer in the world and your game would still be off by a mile. These three things combined will give you the speed, accuracy to make those pinpoint kill shots.

Cooler Master under the CM Storm tag has been giving the gaming community some of the best gaming peripherals on the market. These would include the Sentinel series of mice and the Quick Fire series of mechanical keyboards. But what about the mouse pad? Well, we will be discussing this today as we will be taking a look at the Power-RX.

CM’s take on the Power-RX

The CM Storm Power-RX is a high-end hybrid mouse pad designed for hardcore gamers seeking ultimate precision. A low friction textured weave submerged into a thin layer of a special rubber compound that sits on a soft anti-slip silicon base that perfectly grips onto any surface. The Power-RX gives you the best of both worlds: surgical precision, uniform tracking, and smooth gliding of hard mouse pads as well as a soft ergonomic surface that prevents wrist strain. The separate layers are fusion bonded for extreme durability. The rounded clamped down edge lining prevents mouse cords from rubbing against the Power-RX and giving you drag.

CM's take on the Skorpion

Don’t restrict your options to a few tiny wireless mice, use any mouse you want. No added delay, interference issues, higher weight due to batteries, and constant recharging and swapping batteries like actual wireless mice. Get the Cooler Master CM Storm Skorpion and make your mouse feel like its wireless!