Cooler Master NotePal U2 Plus Laptop Cooling Pad Review

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Cooler Master NotePal U2 Plus Laptop Cooling Pad Review

We have been reviewing a lot of laptop coolers here at Pro-Clockers and our database is somewhat dominated by Cooler Master products. Many of them are from the NotePal models. Just recently we had the NotePal ErgoStand II on the spotlight. Many of these products we tested have added features that made them more than just a laptop cooler. For example we have the ErgoStand II which has an adjustable overall height. The feature made the laptop more comfortable or to conform better as a media device.

Our next laptop cooling pad from Cooler Master is more of a traditional cooler but it does have some features that will make stand out from the others. The new NotePal U2 Plus has a built-in cable management for your accessories and can be used as a carry case for your laptop if need. Yes, this is just a couple of features that will make the NotePal U2 Plus worthy for your money.

Cooler Master’s Take on the NotePal U2 Plus

Passive and Active Cooling

Sore wrists and a hot notebook are things we all experienced after working on a notebook for consecutive hours. With its angle and cooling, the NotePal U2 PLUS contests those negative factors of working on a notebook. Thanks to the space underneath the NotePal U2 PLUS, the notebook has more environmental air to use for cooling which results in a lower temperature by just placing the notebook on top of the NotePal U2 PLUS. Next to this passive way of cooling, there is also an active cooling option thanks to the two additional fans.

Repositionable Fans

Both fans are easy to place and replace on the bottom of the mesh structure of the NotePal U2 PLUS. This system allows every notebook, up to 17″, to be cooled in the most efficient way, since every notebook has a different layout when it comes to the air intake and hot spots, like the position of the processor.

Protect and Go

Since notebooks are portable, we also designed our NotePal U2 PLUS to be portable. A notebook can be placed inside the U-shape underneath the surface in order to be protected on one side, while the included strap holds the notebook in place. Thanks to the fact that the NotePal U2 PLUS is made out of aluminum it is ultra-light and thus easy to carry. In addition, an aluminum rubber has been used in order to provide grip for the notebook and the notebook cooler itself. On the back of the NotePal U2 PLUS, two knobs allow for cable management.
The elegant sand blasted NotePal U2 PLUS is available in both silver and black finish.