Luxa2 H5 Premium Car Mount Review

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Luxa2 H5 Premium Car Mount Review


We understand here at Pro-Clockers that there is more to tech stuff than just overclocking and reviewing hardware like processors, motherboards, cases and cooling that people want to read about. A large percentage of the population is going or already engaged into the mobile technology. I read somewhere that there are more people with a mobile device (phone, tablet or similar) than with a desktop PC. With such research, we find it necessary to bring you more details about them and their accessories.

A company that has been heavy into mobile technology and various accessories to suit them is Thermaltake. If you browse their website, you won’t find much there geared towards mobility, so you will have to click on the Luxa2 link which Thermaltake also own. Here you will find all the things that will make your life easier and smoother when dealing with small electronics.

We reviewed the Luxa2 H1 Holder not too long ago. This well-built device allows you mount and position your mobile phone to a more comfortable height and angle when wanting to view your favorite YouTube video or movies. But it is only useful when sitting on a solid surface like a table or desktop. But what about those that are on the go running around preforming errands? Well, there is the Luxa2 H5 Mobile Holder for that.

Luxa2‘s take on H5

All aluminum adjustable car mount for any smartphone with a display size of 3.2” ~ 4.8”, H5 Premium is designed to hold most mobile phones at multiple directions viewing angles so you can easily access your smart device in your car without sacrificing any safety measure.