Avexir Core 1600MHz 8GB Kit

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Closer look

Avexir's Core series comes in single, dual, triple and quad configurations to fit the growing variety of systems today. The single and triple sets only come in either 1333 MHz or 1600 MHz sticks. The dual and quad kits are featured in these two speeds, as well as even speedier binnings of 1866, 2133, 2400, 2666 and 2800 MHz for those that like to crank things up a little.

The capacity of the individual sticks range from two to eight gigs, allowing for kits being available in four to thirty-two gigs. Averix pretty much has everyone covered with the Core Series.

On the surface, the Core series resemble that of many other modules on the market. Sporting a black and gray heat spreader made of aluminum to help battle the heat that can be produced when pumping up the voltage to your DIMM slots.

The modules overall height is not bad, even with the heat spreaders. The heat spreaders add just about another 1/3 of an inch over the bare PCB's height of 1.18in (or 30mm, adhering to the JEDEC standard). [Editor's Note: If you are wanting to make absolutely sure these will fit under your heatsink, these measure 38mm in height total, heatsink and all.]

Visually what makes the Core different from many other kits on the market is the lighting effect they have when the system is powered on. Hidden under the heatsink fins, on each end of the module are little fiber-optic domes that span the length of the module, emitting light from the PCB-mounted LEDs. The lighting effects alternate from module to module displaying a nice rainbow effect.