Avexir Core 1600MHz 8GB Kit

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Overclocking the Core series using its XMP setting proved to not be too adventurous. Retaining the 9-9-9-24 at 1.5, we were only able to play with the CPU’s BCLK to get any type of increase. In the end it net us 1710 MHz over the stock 1600 MHz.  Honestly not bad.

Never sticking to specifications we upped the ante and dialed in 1.65V and relaxed the timings to 10-11-9-24, resulting in a nice bump to 2150 MHz.

Wanting to get even more from the kit we kept the voltage at the same 1.65 and further loosened the timings to 11-12-10-38. With these settings we managed to get the kit to 2264 MHz, twice it's advertised speed. At this point we declared the kit a real winner.