Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP 1600MHz 16GB Kit Review

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Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP 1600MHz 16GB Kit Review



When it comes to computers and "performance" there are a few things that will immediately come to mind. The first would have to be CPU, followed by memory and then cooling. Everything else pretty much falls after these three... well, unless you're a gamer in which case a graphics card probably follows CPU, but we digress. When it comes to the CPU it is usually a no-brainer, you get what you can afford and try to get as much out of it as you can.

When it comes to ram and cooling, there too you get the best for what you can afford, but sometimes the two do mix well together. This is especially true when dealing with air-cooling and memory. How often have you done research and come to find out the ram you really want will simply not fix under your CPU cooler?  Or worse yet, went out and purchased the parts you need and overlooked that sneaky clearance issue? This has been a huge problem for many of us, with coolers getting bigger and wider, and ram modules growing taller by the day.

Thankfully, the issue of your high-end CPU cooler having the necessary clearance for the DIMM slots can be rectified by simply journeying over to and ordering up a new set of their Ballistix Sport VLP memory kit. Not only will they eliminate the clearance problem between the two aforementioned components, but also omit having to pump tons of voltage into the DIMMs to achieve a rather heft overclock out of them. Just how much? Well, we can't give away all the juicy details right away, can we? Jump on in and find out!

Crucial's take on the Ballistix Sport VLP

Serious gamers are serious about our award-winning Ballistix and Ballistix Tracer products. At Crucial, we engineer these products to deliver the fastest, most reliable memory for gaming and performance enthusiasts.

But why should the most hardcore gamers have all of the fun?

If you‘re new to performance memory and like what Ballistix has to offer, the Crucial Ballistix Sport Series is a great place to start. This line was created for mainstream users and general enthusiasts. They feature heat spreaders for thermal performance -- along with standard timings and voltages, making this reliable, quality module ideal for maximum stability and compatibility.