Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP 1600MHz 16GB Kit Review

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Closer look

To begin with the new Sport VLP series all consist of 1600 MHz modules no matter the kit capacity. These kits start at 8GB, which would be 2 x 4GB modules, and go up to a 32 GB kit consisting of 4 x 8GB modules. Or if needed, you can also order individual 4 GB modules. No matter the kit capacity you decide upon, since the whole series are only offered in that single 1600MHz speed, they similarly share the same timings of 9-9-9-24 at 1.35v.

When Crucial stated "low-profile" on the specs page, they really mean it. These are by far the shortest height modules we have ever had here at Pro-Clockers. They honestly should not have any issues fitting under any cooler made today. [Editor's Note: We've got a comparison shot coming up to give you a better idea about what we're talking about. Tony isn't exaggerating by saying "any cooler", as for a heatsink to not have clearance for these would mean it wouldn't have clearance for even standard DIMM latches!] 

Which, to be honest, there isn't too much to the heat spreader on these either. It consists of a single stamped sheet of aluminum that covers up about 85% of the module on each side. The heat spreaders are adhered directly to the DRAM ICs.