Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP 1600MHz 16GB Kit Review

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We started our overclocking journey using the default voltage of 1.35 and see how high we could get the frequency. We tried using the default timings but we were not able to get the system up and running using the next DRAM frequency in our BIOS which was 1800 MHz. No go! But it was possible to up the BLCK to get some extra clocking from the set. No fun! So, we moved to up the timings to 10-11-10-27. 1866 MHz would boot but was not stable. 1800 MHz was not problem and this including running Super Pi for stability.

Most of the times I try to keep my timings lower than CAS 11 as I think it is a happy medium between a higher frequency and good timings. The goal next was to try and get the system to boot and be stable at the ultra low voltage of 1.35 and run 2133 MHz. Unfortunately I didn’t happen. Even upping the voltage to 1.4 only got us to 2000 MHz.

We were not able to get to the 2133 MHz plateau until we loosen the timings to 11-12-12-35. Actually the exact frequency was 2200MHz, and it was done at 1.5 volts. Even 2400 MHz being bootable, but unfortunately it wasn't stable for our particular kit.