Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP 1600MHz 16GB Kit Review

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The Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP series is a great set for all walks of life. Not matter if you are an average PC user or and an overclocker. With the aid of XMP you can just install an individual stick or kit, select the proper setting in your BIOS and go. For those that are a little more daring, you can play around with the timings and voltage and take them beyond the manufacturer specifications and get more for your money.

We took the overclocking route in stages and fall the kit to respond well as we went along. 2000 MHz and up was no trouble for this set as you can see from our results. And one most remember the series only comes in 1600 MHz, so you are being gifted a lot for less.

The VLP allows for easy trouble-free installation no matter you cooling situation. And this is because of its very low-profile stance. Many of today's cooler embark into the space where our memory slots are. This is common so we have to be very selective when it comes to purchasing these two pieces of equipment. With this kit the ease of selection is greatly increased. As you will not have a problem at all with these. At Newegg we found the series ranging from $22 a single 4GB stick to $165 for a 32GB kit. Our test sample was priced at $78.

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