Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP 1600MHz 16GB Kit Review

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Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP 1600MHz 16GB Kit Review



Just a couple of weeks I had the pleasure of reviewing Crucial's Ballistix Sport VLP 16GB 1600 MHz kit. It isn't uncommon for a kit to have such a low voltage like the Sport's did, which was 1.35v. But to add the voltage to the low stance of the kit is not as common. The kit could honestly fit under any cooler there is out there, making it worthwhile for large cooler users like the Noctua D14.

Crucial's newest has the same low stance, better timings and operates at the same voltage. I guess you can say the Tactical line is one step higher to the Sport as it boasts 8-8-8-24 instead of 9-9-9-24. Many individuals would not mind owning either but we are digging the lower timings and the quicker refresh.

Crucial‘s take on the Tactical LP

Need more space in your system? The Ballistix Tactical series offers modules in a low profile design to bring you more clearance around your system's CPU cooler and lower voltages for increased energy efficiency. Designed for performance enthusiasts and small form factor builders who have limited space for cabling and airflow, the Tactical LP memory option features all the benefits you've come to expect from our Tactical series—just in a smaller package that features advanced thermal dissipation. Not only are Tactical LP modules up to 16% lower in height than competing modules, their power requirement is less, too.** Using up to 10% less power (1.35V) than standard modules (1.5V), Ballistix Tactical LP memory helps reduce the heat in your system and keep it cool.