Gigabyte H55M-S2H Budget 1156 Motherboard

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Introduction to the Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H

We are at it again with another H55 chipset motherboard. This time our review sample is from Gigabyte, the GA-H55M-S2H. Also mATX, the H55M offers some of the features of the feature-rich Asrock motherboard we reviewed yesterday. The GA-H55M-S2H boasts all the same shades of blue, and white we've seen from Gigabyte in the past few years. A combination which tends to provoke a real love it or hate it reaction from people. Honestly, I love the combination as it is not like all the other boards out there with black PCB and blue or blue slots. Gigabyte dares to be different.

The GA-H55M-S2H may not offer all the features you will find in some boards. One thing it offers is overclocking, a flagship feature for Gigabyte.. I will not get into it right now. You will have to read through the review, but we were surprised from what we got from this $90 motherboard.

Even with the overclocking abilities of the H55M-S2H, it is still aimed at the HTPC crowd. Of which, I am a proud member. In order to get this board going, you will want to mate it with one of the new Clarkdale processors. Adding a monitor or flat screen TV will have you viewing your favorite movies or more in all their glory. If you want to see if this board has anymore surprises, then you will have to read on..